Online Shop (T-Shirts, Stickers, and more)!

Heyo! I’ve finally gotten around to making an online shop. I chose because most people reviewed it as the best place to set up an online shop. With this shop I can add my designs to T-shirts, stickers, hats, hoodies, you name it. Thus far I’ve only added two designs, but plan on adding more asap. There is a ton of awesome products that I can slap my artwork on.

As well as wearable merchandise I am also going to put original artwork up for sale, as well as prints at pretty low prices. I’ve had a lot of requests for prints, but never really got around to doing it, so this should be cool. Here’s a link to the shop:

The designs I am making for T-shirts aren’t really my typical “style”. I’m going for a much more graphic approach that’s typical for T-shirt designs.  So far I’m pretty happy with what I’ve made. This new approach to art is definitely different and exciting, so expect to see a bunch of other cool designs added to my shop soon.

I hope the prices are reasonable enough so people can afford them. I had to mark up the products more than I’d like so I actually make any sort of profit…it’s ridiculous how much it costs for a company to print and ship one T-shirt. But either way, if you buy any of my stuff thanks a ton! I can definitely use all the support I can get. Maybe one day I can do this art stuff for a living (crossing fingers). Clicky the picture for the shop.


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